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City officials breaking ground on the Love Grove community bridge project. Photo courtesy of the city.
City officials breaking ground on the Love Grove community bridge project. (Photo courtesy of the City of Wilmington)

WILMINGTON — The City of Wilmington Friday broke ground on a new bridge project in the Love Grove area.

It’s one of the largest projects approved by voters in the 2014 Transportation Bond, according to Wilmington’s Spokeswoman Malissa Talbert. The $5 million bridge construction project will provide a second access for Love Grove Community.

Map of the project.
Map of the project.

The project consists of a bridge that will cross over Burnt Mill Creek and connect to One Tree Hill Way with access to its intersection with North 23rd Street. The two-lane bridge will also include a walking and biking trail to provide connectivity with the neighborhood.

The neighborhood currently has one point of access to traffic with a railroad line that runs through it, potentially blocking traffic should a train roll through. The second entrance provides access to and from the community despite train schedules.

Construction will begin immediately. The project will take about a year to complete.

This is one of 38 projects included in the 2014 Transportation Bond.

Beginning next week, another project from the 2014 Transportation Bond will begin. The city will be installing nearly a mile of sidewalks on McClelland Drive, Fairlawn Drive, Clover Road and Gleason Road. A two-block section on North 23rd Street from Princess Place Drive to Belvedere Drive has already been completed.

For more information about these projects and others included on the transportation bond visit the city’s website.