What is a parent’s role in a young athletes life?

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With the spring season right around the corner, two top level college baseball coaches recently sat down with South Carolina based Hit, Run, Steal. The company, launched in 2016, is geared at providing ballplayers with some of the newest training aids on the market.

As youth sports has developed into a culture sewn in the fabric of the country, there are many questions as to whether or not some of the practices being fostered at the lowest level are always ideal for putting young athletes in the best position to  succeed in the long run.

Clemson University Head Baseball Coach Monte Lee talked about several reasons why he believes there has been a decline over the generations in the type of athletes college coaches are looking for.

From making the young athlete responsible for his or her own equipment, to the thousands of dollars some families spent on getting their kids to the most “prestigious” tournaments across the country, Lee, in his own words, answers the million dollar question: What is a parent’s role in a young baseball/softball player’s life?

From a participation standpoint, University of South Carolina Head Baseball Coach Chad Holbrook gave insight on how a parent’s involvement can actually put a potential college prospect between a rock and a hard place when it comes to being recruited.

When it comes to the impact you have on your child’s sporting experience, do not underestimate your influence. Click here for an article by Educated Sports Parent on the importance of parental involvement in youth sports.