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Rebekah Todd has released a new music video ahead of her new full-length album "Crooked Lines." Photo by Jesse Gagne.
Rebekah Todd has released a new music video ahead of her new full-length album “Crooked Lines.” (Photo by Jesse Gagne)

WILMINGTON — This year has proven to be another milestone for local alternative blues and soul musician Rebekah Todd. She released an all new music video on Thursday.

Following the release of her new album’s debut song, “Hustle,” Todd released the music video, which features several scenes from the area. The video follows Todd’s successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $30,000, and the announcement of her sophomore full-length album, “Crooked Lines,” set for release on Feb. 17.

Lyrically, the “Hustle” is about working day in and day out to make ends meet, something Todd has lived and continues to do as a career musician.

As a former street musician and solo touring artist, Todd has had to hustle herself; driving through the night, sleeping in her car in Walmart parking lots and playing on street corners with her guitar just to make enough gas money to get to the next city.

The action is the main theme of the music video, which was filmed in both Wilmington and the Raleigh area, featuring multiple street performers. Including the street players of Wilmington and Raleigh was a collaborative effort between Todd and her videographer.

Wilmington saxophone player, Glen McRae is featured in the video as one of the main staples in the downtown Wilmington scene. Also in the video are other faces locals may see from time to time, playing their music along the streets.

“I respect those musicians … because playing to an audience that isn’t there to see you necessary is like the hardest thing you can do. And trying to make tips on the street is literally the hardest gig. So, people that do it day in and day out, that’s the real hustle,” Todd said. “I’ve been there. And I still do it sometimes for fun, but there was a time when I was doing it to pay the bills.”

Featured from the Raleigh area is local legend Rodney Hines, the “No Hand King.” He currently holds the world record for “popping a wheelie” with no hands for a total of six hours without letting his front tire touch the ground. Raleigh locals know of Rodney Hines as a man who never quits and often see him riding downtown, practicing for his next world record.

“He is so unique and he is really, really passionate about never giving up and always pressing further to be successful. He’s so inspiring … It’s kind of cool,” Todd said.

Look for her new full-length album coming out on Feb. 17.
Look for her new full-length album coming out on Feb. 17.

Todd said she was thrilled to partner will all these talented and inspiring individuals for the sights and scenes of her new music video. For the last 10 years, Todd said she has continued to strive for success. And since moving to the area just a few years ago, she has become a familiar name in Wilmington’s music scene.

Along with her successful Kickstarter campaign, with much of it raised through Wilmington-based support, Todd’s band also won the “On The Rise” series for FloydFest 2016 and are set to play on the main-stage of the Virginia festival this year, alongside acts such as St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Shovels and Rope and Turkuaz.

“I am so thankful for the Kickstarter support. If it wasn’t for that, this video wouldn’t have been possible, the PR that I’m paying for wouldn’t have been possible — none of it would have been possible,” Todd said. “It really all boils down to the support I got from it.”

For a female artists who has devoted her life to writing and touring, Todd said the work is starting to pay off. Todd grew up in Benson and received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2012 from East Carolina University in Greenville, and later moved to Wilmington to continue her musical endeavor.

Todd released her debut EP, “Forget Me Not” in 2011, and first LP, “Roots Bury Deep,” in 2014.  She’s played over 170 gigs in 12 months, and is gearing up for her next show on Feb. 11 at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh.

“I feel great. I feel like all my hard work is finally starting to pay off, and people are starting to take notice,” Todd said. “The calendar is starting to fill up. And it’s really going to be just touring for the rest of the year.”

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