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Jennifer Swinny and Kyle Smith are to be married in the spring 2018.
Jennifer Swinny and Kyle Smith are to be married in the spring 2018. (Photo: T.J. Drechsel/Drechsel Photography)

Jennifer Swinny and Kyle Smith are to be married in the spring of 2018, on a sunny beach, destination to be determined.

Jennifer Swinny is a business and traffic manager at Local Voice Media in Wilmington. She graduated from St. Mary High School in Paducah, Ky., and Murray State University in Murray, Ky.

She is a daughter of Ruth and Arvil McKendree.

Kyle Smith is self-employed.  He graduated from Thomasville High School and the University of North Carolina.

He is a son of Tom Smith.

The couple’s engagement story is one of friendship-turned-romance. The couple had been the best of friends for almost 10 years. The friendship turned to love, and they bought a house together and moved in July 2015.

Jennifer’s 5-year-old daughter also lives with the couple and is a huge part of their engagement story. They all love the beach and boating. Last September, they all went out on the boat after work one Friday night to catch the sunset and have some fun playing in the sand. Little did Jennifer know, but Kyle had a whole lot more in store.

After having some fun playing in the sand, Jennifer’s daughter said she wanted to “marry” them and started performing quite the lengthy “wedding” ceremony. “She even made us rings out of sea grass,” said Jennifer. She was very content with the sea grass ring she was wearing, but Kyle had something else in store.

To the shock of Jennifer and her daughter, Kyle got down on one knee in the sand and asked if he could have her sea grass ring. “He had something a little shinier for me,” said Jennifer. The trio was very excited as Jennifer replied, “yes,” and confirmed her love. “It was probably the best sunset I have ever seen, and my daughter took some wonderful photos of us that night that we will cherish forever. I’m so glad she was part of the excitement,” said Jennifer.