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Twelve-year old Christian Day is a breath of fresh air when it comes to kids playing sports. At a time when specializing and focusing on one specific talent at an early age has taken over the mindset of many youngsters and their parents, the Topsail Middle School student still finds time to showcase his athletic abilities in a variety of ways based on season.

Christian day skates across the blue at the Wilmington Ice House. Photos courtesy- Lizette Day.
Christian day skates across the blue at the Wilmington Ice House. Photos courtesy- Lizette Day.

Whether it’s on the ice for the Wilmington Ice Hawks or playing travel baseball for Rock Solid, Day has been racking up his fair share of memorable experiences.

From hitting a three-pointer at the buzzer to a win a rec basketball game, to a home run over the scoreboard at Ogden Park, the middle schooler has trouble deciding his most favorite moment. Maybe scoring three goals in a hockey game during a tournament in Maryland tops the list?

Day’s well-rounded athletic ability translates to some of his favorite athletes and teams. He follows the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks and the New York Knick’s Derrick Rose, closely. He doesn’t even mind watching college softball, so long as it’s the College World Series.

In school, math is Christian’s favorite subject. His passion for numbers could come in handy someday down the road. Day’s favorite teacher was his sixth grade Social Studies teacher, Madison Frye, because she was always there to answer his questions.

One common denominator starting to surface among the many youth Port City Day has started to showcase in the weekly segment is Mac n Cheese tops the list as one of the major food groups.

Name: Christian Day

Age: 12

School:  Topsail Middle School

Christian Day delivers a strike from the mound.
Christian Day delivers a strike from the mound.

Sport(s) played: Soccer, basketball, travel baseball and travel hockey

Favorite coach and why?  It’s hard to pick a favorite because I’ve had so many great coaches. Michael Rooney my Rock Solid baseball coach, because he never yells at us or Ryan Tanner, my hockey coach, because he really knows the game.

Favorite athlete:  Derrick Rose

Favorite sports team: Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite sport to watch other than the one you play: Girl’s softball, (but only during the college championship series)

Most memorable experience on the field/court: 3-point buzzer beater to win the game, home run over the score board at Ogden Park, hat trick in Maryland President’s Day tournament

Favorite food: Mac and Cheese

Favorite school subject: Math

Favorite teacher and why?: My 6th grade Social Studies teacher Madison Frye because she always helped me if I had a question. She was ALWAYS nice to me!

Favorite TV show:  Impractical jokers

Favorite thing you like to do outside of sports: Play video games