Highway patrol offers tips for a safe Thanksgiving holiday roadtrip

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WILMINGTON — The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is urging motorists to follow some tips to stay safe on the road during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

According to AAA, 43.5 million Americans are expected to hit the roads across the nation. This is an increase of 1.9 percent of motorist on the road from last year.  As the number of vehicles increase on interstates and major thoroughfares, motorists are reminded to use caution while driving.

“Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends come together to enjoy one another,” Col. Bill Grey, commander of the State Highway Patrol, said. “Our focus is to ensure safe travel while combating the potential of any loss of life.”

When traveling to your destination this weekend, highway patrol urges you to follow these tips when planning your trip:

  • Leave early, allowing more time for travel
  • Plan ahead for potential delays
  • Designate rest stops to prevent fatigue
  • Choose secondary routes due to potential detours

Here’s some driving considerations for your trip:

  • Limit distractions
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Obey speed limits
  • Increase following distances
  • Designate a sober driver

Highway patrol asks motorists to call a cab, friend, or family member if you have consumed to much of an alcoholic beverage over the holidays and do not drive.

If a motor vehicle collision resulting in minor property damage occurs, motorists are requested to remove their vehicles from the roadway while waiting for officials to arrive.

North Carolina citizens can contribute to highway safety by reporting impaired and erratic drivers by dialing *HP or (*47) on a cell phone. Callers should give the description of the vehicle, location, direction of travel and license plate number if at all possible.