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'Myrtle' the loggerhead sea turtle made several appearances during the 2016 Carolina Beach Dragon Boat Regatta and Festival on Saturday.
‘Myrtle’ the loggerhead sea turtle made several appearances during the 2016 Carolina Beach Dragon Boat Regatta and Festival on Saturday.

CAROLINA BEACH – The Carolina Beach Dragon Boat Regatta and Festival returned to the marina on Saturday for its fourth year, bringing together businesses, non-profits and friends for a day full of rowing racing and charity.

This year, 24 teams participated, including two organized by the mayors of Kure Beach and Carolina Beach for a good-natured battle of beach-town supremacy.

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This year also featured a team from Charlotte and from Tennessee, marking the first time an out-of-state team has participated in the event.

Head to the event website for more information.

Teams first raced against the clock in qualifiers before facing off in the afternoon for finals on the 300-meter course.

This year, money raised will be donated to Step Up for Soldiers, a local non-profit organization that helps veterans in the area. They are also well known for collecting items such as toiletries, snacks and other things to assemble into care packages and send to active-duty military members currently serving overseas.