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School started Monday throughout most of the region and Port City Daily and The Dude 93.7 and 106.3 FM asked the community to share their photos of the big day. Below are some of the photos sent to us.

We will continue to add photos as they are received. Send photos to, or tag us on Facebook. Include the students name, grade and school.

Photo from Kelli Leiner, son in 1st grade   Back to School 2016 Emma Claire Guinn First Grade Carolina Beach ES submitted by Jessica Guinn     Back to School 2016 from left Hayden, Sawyer and RJ. Submitted by Kelley Vanderbilt     Back to School 2016 Saylor Sumner submitted by Stephanie Sumner     Back to School 2016 The Elmore family 10th 7th and Kindergarten      Back to School 2016 Joshua Sandlin 2nd grade       Emily 4th and Kaitlyn 5th grade       Emma-Drum-sixth-walking-into-Cedar-Grove-Middle-School-submitted-by-Kimberly-Arnette-Drum-E (1) Back-to-School-Miles-Friedman-Pre-K-Childe-Dev-Ctr-submitted-by-David-and-Dawn-Friedman (1)                              Back-to-School-2016-submitted-by-Kimberly-Arnette-Drum (1)                              Back to school photo Jenn Workman Back-to-School-2016-Ryan-Watkins-submitted-by-Lori-Blankenship (1)                              Back-to-School-2016-Kaitlyn-Leland-MS-6th                              Back-to-School-2016-Jason-Leland-MS-8th-e1472480843898                              Back-to-School-2016-GLOW-Photo-by-Hannah-Leyva                              Sammy-entering-Cedar-Grove-Middle-School-submitted-by-Amie-Marie-Milliken-E (2) Back-to-School-2016-Emery-Grace-submitted-by-Brittany-Nealy                              Back-to-School-2016-Ellis-Ray-submitted-by-Brittany-Nealy                              Back-to-School-2016-Bryson-Wayne-submitted-by-Brittany-Nealy
Photo submitted by Kelli Leiner. Her son entered the first grade.