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Christmas Tree in downtown Wilmington. Photo courtesy of the City of Wilmington.
Christmas Tree in downtown Wilmington.

It’s time to get out your pen and paper and put your noggin to work.

We’re having our fourth annual holiday haiku contest – with prizes – and we want to hear from you.

A haiku, as you may recall from elementary school creative writing days, is a simple format: 17 syllables, set up on three lines with 5, 7 and 5 per line. We know you’re just as busy as we are, so we figured 17 syllables was a reasonable request.

Still a bit wary? Here’s last year’s winning entry, from Paul Sidlofsky:

Hope Often Lives In

Dreaming About Yesterday.


Clever how he created a little internal meaning with the first letter of each word spelling out ‘holidays’, wasn’t it? We thought so, too, which is one of the reasons Paul was the 2014 winner.

The team at Port City Daily, 98.3FM The Penguin and 93.7/106.3FM The Dude will vote on their favorite haiku entries to determine this year’s winner.

Even a friendly competition is more fun when there are prizes involved, so we’re offering first-, second- and third-place shopping sprees on our Save30 Store. First place will win $100; second gets $50 and third will receive $25. The Save30 Store is our partnership with local businesses to offer full-value, no restriction gift certificates at 30 percent off.

We’ll print the best on Christmas Eve, so get them in by the deadline of 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 18. Where should you direct this prose? Email it to Check out our contest rules before entering your submissions by clicking here.

See more of the best of last year’s submissions by clicking here.