‘Bubble Soccer’ debuts in Wilmington

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With dozens of leagues across the area for adults and kids alike, one growing international sport is coming to Wilmington this month after receiving overwhelming and enthusiastic support from the community through social media.

Originally created in 2011 as a joke by two comedians in Norway, Bubble Soccer became a YouTube sensation almost overnight, garnering millions of searches throughout the world in a few weeks after an operator posted a video from Algund, Italy. By 2014, Bubble Soccer was a trending sport across Asia and Europe and spreading in popularity across the US.

Wilmington Bubble Soccer will host a demo day on Saturday.
Wilmington Bubble Soccer will host a demo day on Saturday.

The activity is just like regular soccer combined with zorbing, which is a large plastic inflatable orb that rolls people down hills and sometimes on water. Similar in construction, the bubbles used in Bubble Soccer are smaller and allow players full use of their legs to run, with the ability to engage in full contact.

Instead of an opening kickoff, the game starts much like dodgeball, with a mad dash to claim possession of the ball. Players’ hands are fixed inside the bubble, requiring them to maintain balance using just their legs.

Wilmington Bubble Soccer will hold several launch parties and demo days over the next few months, where you’ll have a chance to sign up for leagues and make reservations for parties, events and fundraisers. The first demo day will be held from 2-4 p.m. at Ogden Park on Saturday, Dec. 5.

For more information regarding Wilmington Bubble Soccer, contact Melody Spencer at info@wilmingtonbubblesoccer.com.