Kure Beach residents brighten island with handcrafted light globes

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Lighted globes made by Kure Beach residents. Photo by Hannah Leyva.
Lighted globes made by Kure Beach residents. Photo by Hannah Leyva.

More than 30 Kure Beach residents of all ages gathered at the town’s community center Monday night to get crafty and help out a local charity.

Organized by the Kure Beach Community Center Committee, the Lighted Christmas Globe Community Craft Project’s aim was to create handmade decorations to brighten up Pleasure Island with holiday cheer and bring the town together in the process.

“We were looking for something easy and fun to do as a community,” said Harriet Owsley, chair of the committee. “We saw that some areas in Charlotte and Greensboro had made these and put them around their neighborhoods, so we looked up videos on YouTube and learned how to make them.”

The decorations were made by taking large pieces of chicken wire and molding them into round frames. Though they were called globes, many of the ornaments took more free-form shapes as people got creative with their decorations. Crafters paid $2 for each piece of chicken wire and brought their own lights to string through and around the frames as well as gloves and pliers to keep their hands from getting hurt.

Participants were also asked to bring at least one canned good, which will be given to The Help Center of Federal Point further north on the island in Carolina Beach. According to committee members, most people brought more than one food item, resulting in nearly 100 donated goods.

“This is a really good turnout,” said Nikki Keely, the town’s recreation manager. “We’re really pleased. This is our first time doing a crafting event, and the response has been great, so maybe we’ll start doing more of these.”

The dozens of bright orbs that were made Monday night will join the larger lighted Christmas decorations that are already lining the main streets in Kure Beach, which have been put up as part of Pleasure Island’s yearly Island of Light holiday decor.

“This was so much fun,” said Dottie, a second-grader who walked to the community center from her home with her mom. “I can’t wait to hang this at my house. It’s going to look so nice.”