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Carolina Beach Town Hall
Carolina Beach Town Hall

Carolina Beach residents who live north of Clarendon Avenue and south of Raleigh Avenue between 5th Street and the ocean are invited to attend a project workshop Thursday evening.

At the informal workshop, town staff will be meeting with citizens one-on-one to go over Phase B of the town’s 5-year utility project.

“What we’re trying to do is, when we do these infrastructure improvement projects, we don’t want to band-aid things,” said Planning Director and Asst. Town Manager Ed Parvin. “We want to repair or replace everything so we don’t have to touch anything again for 50 to 70 years.”

The town, which is finishing up work on Phase A of the project, is still trying to get funding for the project’s Phase B. There is no timetable yet, though work is expected to start in the late summer or early fall of next year. While town officials initially estimated the project to take nine to 12 months to complete, Parvin said it will probably take longer than that depending on what needs to be done.

While there is currently no set plan for specific work, it will include water, sewer, stormwater, streetscape and sidewalk improvements, among others. The purpose of the meeting, according to Parvin, is not only to inform the residents of the next phase of the town’s plans and how it may affect them, but to also get their input on what needs to be done around their property.

“We’re documenting issues so we can address them in the project,” said Parvin, who said he has already received several phone calls and emails after sending out letters to every property owner in the designated area.

Carolina Beach will start work on Phase B of their 5-year Utility Plan next year. Courtesy of the Town of Carolina Beach.
Carolina Beach will start work on Phase B (shaded in blue) of their 5-year Utility Plan next year. Courtesy of the Town of Carolina Beach.

One question that Parvin has gotten is whether the project will include burying power lines in the Phase B area, which includes parts of the central business district, Lake Park Boulevard and the Courtyard by Marriott hotel. Though that was not originally part of the infrastructure plan, Parvin said that it will be another thing to think about.

“I’m interested in having that discussion,” he said, noting that adding that to the project will require more money, time and project planning. “It’s something that keeps coming up.”

The meeting will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19 in the Carolina Beach Town Hall Council Chambers. Those with questions or concerns who are unable to attend the workshop can contact Parvin by phone at (910) 458-2526 or via email at