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If you are in the market for board games or video games, check out a sale going on this week at Target.

All board games and video games are on sale for “buy 2 get 1 free” both in store and online at The lowest priced item will be free and all items must be from the same category, so you cannot mix and match between video games and board games.

However, you can use coupons on these items so if you happen to have manufacturer’s coupons for board games or video games, feel free to use them on the sale. Another great source for these types of coupons is Target’s own website. They offer a multitude of in-house coupons via their Target Cartwheel program. Create an account, log in, and click any coupons that you want. Provide your personalized bar code to the cashier at checkout (either print it from your account or show it from your Cartwheel app via smartphone) and the discount comes off at the register. I was searching this morning and saw several Cartwheel board game coupons such as 2 percent off Monopoly Here and Now US Edition and 25 percent off Fool the Frog Game, among others. These discounts will come off in addition to the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” sale.

This easy deal lasts through Saturday, November 14 at Target!

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