Local man is 1 in a million with Lottery scratch-off win

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NCLotteryEmerald7The big ones have all been claimed.

A Brunswick County man is the fourth and final player to win the top prize of $150,000 in the North Carolina Lottery’s Emerald 7 scratch-off game. Robert Jenkins of Leland scratched and won after purchasing his winning ticket at Tommy’s Mini Mart on Mt. Misery Road in Leland.

After required state and federal withholdings, Jenkins received a check for $103,876, according to a press release from the state lottery.

The game’s odds put winning one of the four top prizes at one in just over a million.

Ticket sales made it possible for the lottery to raise more than half a billion dollars for the state last year. Locally, Brunswick County has received more than $28 million in lottery funds and New Hanover County has received more than $58.8 million since inception of the lottery in March 2006. Last year, Brunswick County received a total of $4,082,236, while New Hanover County received $8,647,354.