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A little rain and some choppy water didn’t stop a group of corgis and their humans from enjoying a beach day this weekend.

About 30 – 40 people and their respective dogs gathered at Fort Fisher to socialize and enjoy the shore. Corgis of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages were represented, from young puppies who ran circles around everyone, to more seasoned veterans who were content to wade in the water and observe all the others.

Though the event was an informal gathering, it was semi-organized by a group of corgi lovers from the Triangle area through event pages on social media sites like Facebook and Meetup.

According to Nellie Maurer, interest in the beach day spiked after a similar but much larger event was held in Southern California earlier in the year.

“It’s been quite a surprise that it’s taken off the way it has,” Maurer said. “It’s been a little bit overwhelming.”

Though over 100 people RSVPed on the Facebook event page, fewer than half showed up. Still, the number of corgis in one place caused curious beachgoers to wonder what was happening.

“Is there some sort of corgi convention going on?” one couple stopped to ask.

While an established group from the Raleigh-Durham area put the event together, many people from around the region made the trip to Pleasure Island. A couple from New Bern came down with their three corgis, while a young pup named Ace and his owners drove up from Columbia, S.C.

Overall, attendees considered it a successful event and were pleased with the turnout. A light afternoon drizzle cut the afternoon short for some, but fun was had by everyone involved.