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John Keith Pfeiffer
John Keith Pfeiffer

I always knew that today would eventually arrive, I just was not expecting it to happen quite so soon. It appears that I have passed away.

John Keith Pfeiffer began an interesting life, as with each and every one of us being born. I arrived Jan. 15, 1947, in Alleghany, Maryland, making my parents, John Henry Pfeiffer and Josephine Jean, (nee Blume) Pfeiffer, proud parents of an exceptional baby boy. I was soon followed by some rather less than exceptional – but still wonderful – siblings: my brother, Stephen C. Pfeiffer, who lives in Houston with his wife Kim; my sister, Jeanne Marie (nee Pfeiffer) Smith, also from Maryland. My adoptive mother, Jeanne Marie (nee Daughin) Pfeiffer, still resides in Cumberland, Maryland.

I led a childhood that taught many of life’s hardest lessons and when I reached the grand old age of 20 in 1967, I enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard. I served with great pride on the USCG Mendota with some of my service being off the coast of South Vietnam.

In 1984, I met the love of my life, Cheryl “Cheri”Ann (nee Reed) Pfeiffer. Cheri and I have lived in the Wilmington area for 28 years and have watched, with fascination, the changes taking place around us. My life (or so I thought) was complete.

Twenty-two years as a Girl Scout volunteer was spent teaching canoeing, camping skills and archery. In my spare time I would sneak off and go fishing, relishing the quiet peacefulness spent with God. There were so many adventures of camping, fishing and simply being in the company of my family and friends who are too numerous to even begin to count.

I crossed over, leaving my wonderful wife Cheri of 28 years, with whom I have always found strength and acceptance, my children, my stepchildren, my grandchildren and many close friends. We share the many blessings that our blended family has provided:

John K. Pfeiffer Jr. of Wilmington and his daughters, Amanda (nee Pfeiffer) Piner (Samuel R. Piner), Jessica Pfeiffer, Josephine Pfeiffer, and Rachel Pfeiffer. H. Allen Pfeiffer, of the Asheville area, wife, Natasha Pfeiffer and children, H. Allen Pfeiffer Jr., Virginia G. Pfeiffer and Samuel A. Pfeiffer. Shannon (nee Pfeiffer) Lacombe, of Wilmington and daughter, Jude R. Clayton. Thomas M. Lacombe, of Southport and sons, Aaron Lacombe, Michael Lacombe and Matthew Lacombe. Nicholas W. Lacombe, of Wilmington, wife, Rachel Lacombe and children, Sophia Livio and Anthony Livio. Adam J. Pfeiffer, of Rocky Point, wife, Stephanie Pfeiffer and children, Leanna Pfeiffer and Baylee Pfeiffer.

Where have the days, weeks, months and years disappeared? It has all rushed by so quickly, but I firmly believe there has been no better life than mine. I have enjoyed untold riches and many blessings with my family and friends. I relished being a father and my memories, although while not all good, are still memories that I cherish.

So there you have it–sort of short and sweet after you start writing it down. I came down to this planet and announced my arrival screaming loudly. I leave peacefully, with Cheri speaking loving words into my ear. I now leave you here, my friends, embarking on a new journey, one that leads into the great unknown. Do not be sad, for I am looking forward to this remarkable adventure.

Kindly remember me whenever you are watching the waves jump and play across the sand. Remember me whenever you are in the forest and the trees murmur and whisper among themselves. Remember me when you see the first blush of spring, feel the warmth of the summer sun, the crispness of the autumn night and the soft caress of a cold winter’s morning breeze. Remember me when you are sitting quietly and enjoying the peace that God sends to you. My life is now complete.

I love each and every one of you forever. Thank you for being a part of my remarkable life.

Love, John

Jan. 15, 1947 – Aug. 17, 2015

P.S. Please join Cheri, children and grandchildren in a pot-luck celebration and get-together from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, at Hugh McCrae Park, Shelter 6. A funeral ceremony will be held one hour prior at Wilmington National Cemetery, 2011 Market St.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to: New Hanover County Girl Scouts, North Carolina Coastal Pines, 6901 Pinecrest Road, Raleigh, NC 27613. Please include: Attention NHCGS Scholarship Fund – In Tribute to John Pfeiffer. For online donations, please make sure that you check “I would like this gift to be in honor/memory of someone” and complete the drop down menu for John Pfeiffer.

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