Kure Beach selling old police car

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Old Kure Beach police car for sale
The Kure Beach Police Department is selling this police car. Photo by Hannah Leyva.

Kure Beach is offering something unusual for sale: an old Kure Beach Police Department squad car.

“It’s pretty rare that we sell something like that,” said Kure Beach Police Chief Dennis Cooper. “It’s not common.”

The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor has 93,664 miles on it. It has been stripped of all technology and police equipment but currently still has police markings. It broke down a few weeks ago and does not run.

“Most of our police cars are traded in, but this particular one has a lot of issues,” said Nancy Avery, the Kure Beach town clerk.

The money from the sale of the car will go into a Kure Beach general fund for surplus vehicles. According to a town ordinance, any items worth less than $5,000 can be declared surplus by the town clerk without having to go through the town council. The asking price for the car is $1,200 or best offer.

The old police car is currently being advertised only on the Kure Beach town website. For more information visit townofkurebeach.org or call the Kure Beach Police Department’s business office at (910) 458-7586.