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For the next two weeks, Lowes Foods is running a special on batteries that should not be missed!

Rayovac Alkaline Batteries, select 1-4 count, are on sale for $1 per package. Here is a free printable coupon for $1 off, which makes them free. You should be able to print the coupon two times to pick up two packages at that cost. I will admit that Rayovac are not my first choice when it comes to brands of batteries but I always appreciate them when I am in a pinch!

As an optional bonus, Rayovac batteries are included in this week’s Lowes Foods gas rewards items. Choose 10 $1 items, mix or match, for $10 and you will earn 10 cents off per gallon in gas rewards to use at Wilco/Hess or Lowes Foods gas stations. You can fill your tank up to 25 gallons with the rewards, so that would be a savings of $2.50 off your gas.

Even better is that you can buy as many sets of 10 items as you wish and earn 10 cents off each time. The best part is that even though the batteries are free, they still count towards one of the 10 items for the gas rewards.

This great deal lasts through Tuesday night, August 25 at Lowes Foods.

Delly Mellor is the founder of Delly’s Deals. Reach her at (910) 338-4875 or Visit for more money-saving tips and coupons.