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Coudriet and Zapple_FotorIn an effort to “accelerate decision making and enhance strategic focus,” New Hanover County Manager Chris Coudriet announced  new executive level changes to the county manager’s office.

Coudriet first recognized Avril Pender for “the scope and depth of her responsibilities and external community liaison roles,” and re-classified her position as deputy county manager, making her the second in command of the county manager’s office. Pender previously served as an assistant county manager.

“Over the past three years, we have made significant progress against our strategic goals,” Coudriet wrote in an office memo. “To continue, and ultimately accelerate this progress, will require us to have an even greater level of coordination, alignment and focus, particularly among the enterprise-wide functions of Finance, IT, HR, and Strategy and Budget.”

Coudriet also made the following re-classifications:

  • Mark Francolini, the director of human resources, has been designated to serve as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), and will report directly to the county manager.
  • Lisa Wurtzbacher will serve as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Leslie Chaney will serve as Chief Information Officer (CIO). Both will report to the deputy county manager.
  • The Budget Department will be integrated into the Office of Strategy and Policy to create the Department of Strategy and Budget. Beth Schrader will be promoted to serve as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and budget director with overall responsibility for budget, strategy and policy, and will report to the county manager.  Shredder will begin transitioning immediately, and will work closely with Cam Griffin throughout the process up until Griffin’s retirement on Nov. 1, 2015.
  • Mark Boyer, interim public affairs director, was designated interim Chief Communications Officer (CCO), and will report to the county manager.

Coudriet also attached the following organization chart that reflects the reporting structure that became effective July 21.



James Mieczkowski is a news reporter for Port City Daily. He can be reached at On Twitter: @mieczkowskiPCD