West Brunswick baseball assistant lands head coaching job at former high school

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For longtime baseball enthusiast Drew Dull, it’s been a goal since getting into teaching and coaching to land a job in which he can guide young ballplayers to aspire to be great.

That day recently game for the West Brunswick math teacher as Dull was hired to lead his alma mater as the new head baseball coach at East Forsyth High School in Kernersville.

Drew Dull, right, with his brother, Ryan. Photo courtesy- Drew Dull.
Drew Dull, right, with his brother, Ryan. Photo courtesy Drew Dull.

“It’s something you work for and try to do it the right way,” said Dull. “You have to work the process. You start coaching the junior varsity, work your way up to assistant and ultimately you want to be a head coach. That was my plan from day one to eventually be a head coach and it just happened to work out perfectly with me going back to my old high school.”

Dull, 28, has been an assistant baseball coach at West Brunswick for the last six years. He was a 2004 graduate of East Forsyth and his mother Karen is a former coach and athletic administrator there.

“It’s a place I grew up. The kids are experiencing the same thing I experienced and to get to go back home is something I’m looking forward to,” said Dull. “I’ve watched some of my future players in little league and to get back there and to coach them in their high school days is different because its your hometown.

“The supporters, fans, we all have expectations and I probably have the highest of them all, but I think that’s what you want heading into any new job.”

East Forsyth was 24-5 overall in 2015 and fell in the fourth round of the state playoffs. He’ll replace Jim Hyatt, who retired at the end of the season. Dull applied for the same job two years prior before Hyatt was hired for the position.

“It was tough to not be able to get the job two years ago and I applied for a few other head coaching positions since then, but it all fell into place this time around,” said Dull. “I’ve just tried to do things the right way and now I can finally say I’m coming home. I closed on a house on July 31 and I’ll be there in a few weeks and that’s the start of a new chapter.”

Dull will also have some big time experience on his side as his brother, Ryan Dull, is a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics organization, at the Double-A Minor League level in Midland, Texas.

“We’ve talked and he’ll be adding a huge influence on our pitchers and giving them knowledge of the game,” said Dull. “Some of the kids already work out with him during the offseason. They look up to him and to have my brother and guy like Ryan on my side will be a huge help.”

After graduating from high school, Dull was a catcher on the Methodist College baseball team. He will teach math at East Forsyth.