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All week you will have the chance to pick up a super deal on Colgate toothpaste at CVS. In fact, it can be as little as free if you have the coupon!

Colgate Total toothpaste, 4 oz., is on sale for $3. Here is a free printable coupon that saves $1, making your price at the register $2 plus tax.

Finally, as a bonus after you pay, CVS will give you $2 Extrabucks attached to the bottom of your CVS receipt. Extrabucks are like CVS credit that can be spent on most items inside of the store and you can use them immediately after they are earned.

Since you pay $2 and get $2 back, the toothpaste is free! Even better is that there is a limit of two on this offer so you could do it a second time and the second time you could pay the $2 balance using your $2 Extrabucks that you just earned. You would owe $0.00 plus tax but then get back a second set of $2 Extrabucks, making the second transaction a moneymaker!

This fun deal lasts through Saturday, July 11, at CVS but as always I recommend printing the coupon soon in case it becomes unavailable later in the week.

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