Wilmington teen sentenced to 10 to 13 years in prison in gang shooting

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Dominique Olivia Gibbs
Dominique Olivia Gibbs

A Wilmington teen pleaded guilty to multiple charges–including manslaughter–on Friday in connection with a 2014 shooting of an alleged co-conspirator in what was described as an attempted shooting of a rival gang member.

Seventeen-year-old Dominique Gibbs was sentenced to 10 to 13 years in the North Carolina Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter, attempted first-degree murder and conspiracy to discharge a weapon into an occupied dwelling, according to a news release from District Attorney Ben David.

Gibbs, who was originally charged with first-degree murder, was one of three people arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Raequan Rouse in January 2014.

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Gibbs and three men–Rouse, Torrance Burns and Adron Whitted–reportedly drove to a home on North 10th Street after a Blood gang member set a meeting where it was “decided that they should shoot a rival gang member that lived in that residence,” David said.

One of the four approached the home and threw an item on the porch in an attempt to “lure someone out of the home,” he said. No one came out of the home.

At least 20 rounds of gunfire were then fired at the home, David said.

“Each of the four was armed with a handgun,” David said. “Dominique Gibbs had a Lorcin 380 and was the first person to fire at the residence.”

During the shooting, one of the bullets hit Rouse in the neck, striking his jugular artery.

“He was shot by one of the other three,” David said. “The haunting sounds of the discharge of handguns was captured by ‘Shotspotter’ technology. Rouse was able to make it back to the car, where he was bleeding significantly, his handgun at his feet.”

Investigators do not believe Rouse fired his gun.

“No one inside of the residence discharged a weapon at the four while their home was under attack,” David said. “According to the investigation, the group then met again with a local leader of the gang, disposed of their handguns, then split up into two cars before taking Rouse to get medical attention.”

Rouse died from the gunshot wound at the emergency room.

“Gangs and gang violence are a pestilence; tearing at the very fabric of our society,” Assistant District Attorney Timothy Severo said. “This case is an example of how violence robs us of our most basic freedoms. It’s shameful when children can’t play in the street or people feel like prisoners in their own homes because of these senseless acts. Hopefully prosecution like this will help deter others from engaging in similar conduct.”

Charges against Whittted and Burns are pending in New Hanover County Superior Court.