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In an effort to provide some of the best training to its student-athletes, Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) has named TOPS Athletics the official strength and conditioning staff of its athletics department.

“We are excited and proud to announce the partnership with TOPS Athletics and Synergy ONE Wellness & Performance Lab,” said CFCC Athletic Director Robby McGee. “With athletic performance a critical component for our students, we feel that TOPS can provide a professional strength and conditioning program, offer preventive maintenance and provide sport specific care needed to prepare our student-athletes for the next level.”

TOPS Athletics has partnered with Cape Fear Community College Athletics. Photo courtesy- TOPS Athletics
TOPS Athletics has partnered with Cape Fear Community College Athletics. Photo courtesy TOPS Athletics.

TOPS Athletics (Together Optimizing Performance & Strength), which is owned and operated by Jeff Smith, is located in Ogden Business Park across from the Ice House Skating Rink.

The team at TOPS includes a complete staff of experienced National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCSs), with various Division I athletic backgrounds, most of which have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from UNCW and interned with TOPS.

They also have a comprehensive Sports Medicine Department, with certifications in Athletic Training and Physical Therapy. Synergy ONE Wellness & Performance Lab, the clinical component of TOPS Athletics, has a staff Registered Dietitian.

“When you want to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to your health, TOPS Athletics is the positive environment you are looking for,” said Tom Clifford, Owner of Without Limits Coaching and founder of the Wrightsville Beach Quintiles Marathon. “People are driven by three things: motivation, constructive feedback and consistency. The staff at TOPS Athletics will be sure you are held accountable, while getting some of the best strength and conditioning at a personal level. I have been in the mid-distance and endurance coaching business for eight years and many of my athletes go to TOPS for their strength and stretching.”

According to its mission statement, the TOPS Athletics philosophy is to screen, test, and assess movement, correct identified limitations or asymmetries, develop optimal mobility and stability, then design and implement the optimal exercise or training program to lose weight by reducing body fat, enhance balance and wellness, increase lean muscle mass and strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, endurance as per the client’s or athlete’s specific personal goals, or per physician prescriptions.

“This partnership speaks volumes to our commitment and dedication to our student-athlete in regards to professional sports medicine and general sport specific care,” McGee added. “With TOPS joining our  sports medicine staff, which is lead by OrthoWilmington at Cape Fear, we are  providing the best professional care that’s out there.”