‘UTD’ cast: Southern hospitality, Britt’s Donuts among Wilmington highlights

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Actor Eddie Cahill, who plays Sam in 'Under the Dome.'
Actor Eddie Cahill, who plays Sam in ‘Under the Dome.’ Photos courtesy CBS.

While on set for “Under the Dome,” Port City Daily asked some of the cast members about Wilmington–the people, its places and some of their most frequented and favorite places to go.

Here is what they had to say about the city they call–at least part of the year–their home.

Eddie Cahill

“I think it’s a good people town. I have found it’s an easy place to be a stranger in. I understand that I should probably put an asterisk by my name…because everyone knows the show is here, and we all come with it.

Mike Vogel.
Mike Vogel (Barbie).

If I’m honest with myself, one of my favorite ways to spend time is to kind of just go out in the world, sit down and interact with people. I find that people in Wilmington do people very well. I have found myself in engaging conversations everywhere from the steam room at the gym to Rx…and I find that people interact with an ease that sort of allows for conversation to exist in a place that feels equal…It is nice to be in a place that gives time to people.”

Mike Vogel

When asked where he sends new cast and crew in Wilmington:

“North Carolina has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in the places I’ve been, so there’s that…To spike their glucose levels we send them to Britt’s and let them pound donuts. They go, ‘well, I’ll go and have a donut,’ and we go, ‘no, you won’t.’ And a bag of donuts later, they are up against the building going, ‘I shouldn’t have done that but it was so good.’ And I’m a massive barbecue freak, so Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue is probably my favorite here in town.”

Alex Koch

“It’s a great town and people are sweet here. And I like the restaurants and I like the crew that we work with.”

On his favorite places:

“Britt’s donuts, number one. Come on, that stands for everyone. Oh my god, those things. And Rx, I always recommend. I love that restaurant.”

Alex Koch.
Alex Koch (Junior).

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