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George Matthew Harkinson IV
George Matthew Harkinson IV

George Matthew Harkinson IV, of Castle Hayne, died May 13, 2015, at the age of 39.

He was all heart. He was a fun-loving, generous soul whose sincere laughter was contagious. Everyone who shares a memory of George does so with a smile on their face, laughter in their heart and tears in their eyes from the terrible sadness of losing him.

If you were friends with George, he treated you like family. And George loved his family. To say he had a big heart is an understatement. George would give you the shirt off his back and the shoes off his feet. If he wasn’t wearing a shirt, he would go out of his way to acquire one for you.

If George could write this, he would tell you how incredibly handsome he was. It’s true. He was also very talented. George was a skilled carpenter and craftsmen and was quick to offer his trade to anyone who needed his help. He worked incredibly hard for many months to help his brother Frank build a home for his family. During that time, George worked all day almost every day making his brother’s dream come true. He didn’t complain. He got the job done. His beautiful ideas coupled with his abilities turned parts of the home into art.

Working side by side with his father and his brother put a smile on George’s face. They were an amazing team – full of talent, humor and so much love for each other. George Matthew had so much admiration for his father. He was proud of him, loved him and emulated him in his kind and generous ways. They loved to go out on the boat and fish together. They cooked together, laughed together and cherished one another.

George loved music of all kinds. He loved to fish and be out on the water. He loved good food and lots of salt. He loved pasta and all things Italian. He loved to brag about his hot girlfriend, Angie. He loved to cook with her and for her. He loved eating all the delicious desserts she would make. He would sing her sweet songs even when he couldn’t remember the lyrics.

He loved their fur baby boy Riley. He loved his nephew, Nova. He was a proud and incredibly fun uncle who would play pirates, baseball and anything else Nova desired. George loved his mother with all his heart. He loved her chicken cutlets and her singing. George’s face lit up when he talked about his mother. He missed her so much since she passed almost seven years ago.

George loved his grandmother and his grandfather. He loved playing Scrabble with his grandmother. George loved TV and movies. And a good comfortable couch. George loved his friends. He cared so deeply for all of them. He kept an extensive collection of photos of all his people from all different parts of his life. They were important to him.

George Matthew Harkinson loved. A lot. He loved to share what he loved. He was sensitive and kind. He knew this world could be tough. He knew it could be beautiful. He saw the good in the world and the people in it. George was never afraid to reach out a helping hand.

George Matthew touched our lives and taught us more than a few lessons. He has left behind many good memories and he will be deeply missed. The best way we can honor this kind soul is to hold our family and friends close. Tell them you love them. Make new friends, feed them. Help out someone in need. Tell people how you feel. George was never afraid to tell us how he felt. Think of George and smile. He was always trying to make us smile.

George’s nephew can sum up his uncle in three words. “He was awesome.”

Please leave online condolences for the family at Atlantic Cremation.

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