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Kids in the Brigade's gardening program help plant flowers in the club's beautification project on Earth Day. Photo by Christina Haley.
Kids in the Brigade’s gardening program help plant flowers in the club’s beautification project on Earth Day. Photos by Christina Haley.

Kids at the Brigade Boys & Girls Club took up shovels and got their hands dirty in celebration of Earth Day on Wednesday.

Brigade club members and associates with U.S. Cellular worked together Wednesday in an effort to plant flowers, spread mulch and refresh flower beds for a beautification project at the Wilmington campus, 2759 Vance St.

According to local U.S. Cellular store manager Greg Sager, the project was part of U.S. Cellular’s participation in a national volunteer effort with a company goal of volunteering 30,000 hours by the end of the year.

Angie Hill, vice president of operations at Brigade, said U.S. Cellular approached the club about the Earth Day event to get more hands-on opportunities working at the club with the children.

An associate with U.S. Cellular helps two Brigade Club members plant flowers. Photo by Christina Haley
An associate with U.S. Cellular helps two Brigade Club members plant flowers.

“It’s something that U.S. Cellular approached us about doing specifically for Earth Day. We do have a good and long history with U.S. Cellular partnering with the Brigade Boys & Girls Club,” Hill said. “This particular project is just an extension of U.S. Cellular getting involved on a local level here–getting involved and giving back to the local club.”

For Sager, the volunteer opportunity is just one of many with Brigade he’s looking forward to this year.

“This is something that I have been a part of for seven years. And I love the fact that we get really local. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to get out there and be a part of the community,” Sager said. “We feel like by educating [the kids] of the importance of keeping our environment clean, moving forward, it will make a lasting impression.”

Brigade kicks off new recycling program

The Brigade Boys and Girls Club launched their new recycling program on Earth Day.
The Brigade Boys & Girls Club launched their new recycling program on Earth Day.

The Brigade Boys & Girls Club also announced the kickoff of its new recycling program Wednesday.

According to Brigade Case Manager Corey Williams, the organization purchased new recycling bins, which will be in the children’s dining area. All recyclables will be taken to a local recycling center by staff members.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever done this. We have a lot of trash as you can imagine because we serve dinner and we have an after-school snack program,” Williams said. “They don’t have a recycling program in our neighborhood, so I have volunteered and our part-time staff have volunteered to take it off to a local place to recycle.”

The start of the new program on Earth Day was “fitting,” she said.

The program is an effort to “get the kids thinking about the environment…even outside when they leave the club,” Williams said.

To learn more about Brigade Boys & Girls Club, visit the club’s website. For more information about U.S. Cellular’s community involvement, click here.