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The Wilmington Fire Department has inducted 19 new members. Photo courtesy of the City of Wilmington.
The Wilmington Fire Department recently inducted 19 new members after they completed a six-month training process. Photo courtesy of the City of Wilmington.

Nineteen new firefighters have joined the Wilmington Fire Department.

During a ceremony on April 10, the Wilmington Fire Department inducted 19 new firefighter recruits at Wilmington City Hall, according to a notice from the City of Wilmington.

The new recruits successfully completed a six-month recruit academy, which includes approximately 1,000 hours of training.

The graduation ceremony “is truly a special event as it marks the completion of the first step in the careers of these new firefighters,” Wilmington Fire Department Battalion Chief David Hines said. “The knowledge and the skills they have learned during the last six months will serve as the foundation of which their service career will be built upon.”

The recruits received certifications in EMT, firefighting, hazardous materials operations, technical rescue, child passenger safety seats and marine firefighting.

“Today’s firefighter is expected to respond competently and effectively to all types of emergency and non-emergency calls for service. Not just fires,” Hines said.

The new firefighters will be placed at stations throughout the city. The fire department’s hiring process is very strenuous, Hines said. The Wilmington Fire Department received more than 400 applications with just the 19 new recruits who made it through the process.

“It was certainly an accomplishment,” Hines said.

New firefighters include:

  • Josh Baltz
  • Michael Bernard
  • Harris Clark
  • Patrick Folland
  • Avery Grafius
  • Thai Guidry
  • Adam Henderson
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Alex Leonard
  • Nick Morris
  • Benjamin Murphy
  • Kyle Nelligan
  • Kyle Perry
  • Thomas Pfeffer
  • John Sand
  • Nick Shepard
  • Brandon Stanford
  • Eliseo Venecia
  • Justin Weinrich

For video from the April 10 ceremony, click here.