UNCW kicks off first one-day donation drive for campus departments, scholarships

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UNCW logoUNC-Wilmington is embarking on an ambitious campaign to raise $24,000 in 24 hours.

If successful, the drive will pay off big for students in the form of an anonymous matching donation to the university’s scholarship fund.

The one-day Give 24 in 24 challenge–the first of its kind at UNCW–kicks off today with a push for private donations from alumni, parents of students, community members and area businesses. Donors can contribute money to the specific department or program on campus they so choose.

“The great thing about this challenge is donors can support any area of the college that is important to them,” Missy Kennedy, director of annual giving for the university’s Department of Advancement, said.

And reaching that goal means UNCW will receive an additional $24,000 corporate gift that will go toward student scholarships.

“We have never tried this before…but it is a great opportunity because we have this $24,000 anonymous gift,” UNCW Chancellor Gary Miller said.

More than half–about 70 percent–of UNCW students rely on some form of financial assistance to earn their degrees, Miller noted.

Giving to UNCW, he added, could be considered an investment, of sorts.

“It is helpful to know our students give a lot to the community in terms of service. And many of them stay in the area and continue to contribute here, to North Carolina and to the country in very important ways,” Miller said.

There is no minimum donation amount during the drive.

“Each year, gifts of $100 or less total around $250,000,” Kennedy said. “So, every little bit does make a big difference.”

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