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New Hanover County Schools students win at Southeast Regional Science Olympiad is your source for free news and information in the Wilmington area.

The 2013 Southeast Regional Science Olympiad competition for middle and high schools was recently held on the campus of University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW).

Nearly 800 students from the region participated, according to New Hanover County Schools Spokeswoman Debora Trafton.

Four NHCS teams will advance to the state competition, and 14 students were awarded a combined total of $10,500 in scholarships.  Overall, NHCS won 68 first-place awards in individual science categories, and placed in all categories, Trafton said.

The following teams from New Hanover County Schools participated:

E.A. Laney High School (Coach: Sharon Cicero)

Eugene Ashley High School (Coaches: Gwen Abraham, Suzanne Sexton, Don Ward)

Hoggard High School (Coaches: Debra Ward, Jennifer Coston, David Taylor, Shari Thompson)

Isaac Bear Early College High School (Coaches: Bryan Bishop, Mike Kelly)

New Hanover High School (Coach: Craig Rankin)

Roland-Grise Middle School (Coach: Elizabeth Jones)

Murray Middle School (Coach: Brianne Hoff)

Myrtle Grove Middle School (Coach: Jennifer Mott)

Williston Middle School (Coaches: Luis Cruz, Elizabeth Moore, William McKibbin, Jared Foster)

Emma B. Trask Middle School (Coach: Elaine Howard)

D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy (Coach: Jan Schuettpelz)

The following schools won trophies for overall team scores and will advance to the State Science Olympiad Tournament on April 26-27 at N.C. State University in Raleigh:

Division B (middle school)

First place- Roland-Grise Middle School

Division C (high school)

First place- Hoggard High School

Second place- Isaac Bear Early College High School

Fourth place- Laney High School

The Women in Science Award, presented by the Women in Science and Engineering Organization of UNCW, was awarded to Megan Stemke of Laney High School, and Madeline Hayes and Kinsley Morgan of Murray Middle School.

The Air Force Award, presented by the U.S. Air Force, was awarded to Connor Schlaline of Murray Middle School.

UNCW awards a scholarship to any senior who wins a first-place medal in their event.  The following NHCS students won scholarships:

Ashley High School

Trent Hollandsworth – $500

David Kent Sheppard – $500

Andrea Rich – $500

Hoggard High School

Mitchell Durham – $500

Jennifer Jensen – $1,000

Nellie Leddy – $500

Rayne Milner – $500

Hannah Thuman – $1,000

Ryan Visser – $500

Matt Wilson – $500

Aiwei Yan – $1,500

Isaac Bear Early College High School

Rachel Glenn – $1,000

Subreen Khatib – $1,000

Laney High School

Dylan Miller – $1,000


The following is a list of medals awarded:

Division B (middle school) varsity

Bottle Rockets

First place: Kevin Hu and Jacob Janssen (Roland-Grise)

Third place: Kaitlynn Mitchell and Page Lippmann (Myrtle Grove)

Fifth place: Kylee Conway and Josh Rhodes (Murray)

Crime Busters

Second place: Sanya Shah and Airlie Ward (Roland-Grise)

Disease Detectives

First place: Kevin Hu and Jese Li (Roland-Grise)

Dynamic Planet

Second place: Matthew Weaver (Trask)

Third place: Nathan Kinsey and Ellie Kinsey (Murray)

Experimental Design

Third place: Avra Janz, Colton Williams, Emma Lu (Myrtle Grove)

Fourth place: Edward Orde and Niloy Alam (Roland-Grise)

Food Science

First place: Ashleigh Boswell and Marissa Foy (Trask)


Fifth place: Giovanni Budi and Austin Waddell (Roland-Grise)


Second place: Avra Janz and Emma Lu (Myrtle Grove)

Fourth place: Sanya Shah and Cynthia Dong (Roland-Grise)


Second place:  Erik Dahlgren and John Stenger (Roland-Grise)


First place: Giovanni Budi and Edward Orde (Roland-Grise)

Fifth place: Sophia Copeman and Mack Morgan (Myrtle Grove)

Metric Mastery

First place: Maddy Bridgeman and Connor Schlaline (Murray)

Third place: John Stenger and Lindsey Green (Roland-Grise)

Mousetrap Vehicle

Third place: Chloe Sherill and Grace Tippett (Williston)

Reach for the Stars

First place: Kevin Hu and Jacob Janssen (Roland-Grise)

Road Scholar

First place: Niloy Alam and Alexei Mejouev (Roland-Grise)

Third place: Ellie Kinsey and Robbie Schlaline (Murray)

Rocks and Minerals

First place: Nathan Kinsey and Chase Dean (Murray)

Second place: John Stenger and Airlie Ward (Roland-Grise)

Fourth place: Braxton Williams (Williston)

Shock Value

Second place: Josie Gefrich and Connor Schlaline (Murray)

Fifth place: Erik Dahlgren and Jesse Li (Roland-Grise)

Sounds of Music

First place: Alexei Mejouev and Airlie Ward (Roland-Grise)

Water Quality

Second place: Noelle Hoehn and Candace Wells (Trask)

Write It, Do It

First place: Cynthia Dong and Monae Duplessis (Roland-Grise)

Fifth place: Chloe Sherill and Grace Tippett (Williston)


Division B (middle school) – junior varsity

Dynamic Planet

Second place: Emily Smith and Jeremy Hudson (Murray)

Elastic Launched Glider

Second place: Seth Barker and Kellen Hanson (Roland-Grise JV1)

Experimental Design

First place: Kellen Hanson and Patrick Morrison (Roland-Grise JV1)

Food Science

First place: Adelais Duplessis and Ivy Montague (Roland-Grise JV2)


Third place: Alexandra Kennedy (Murray)

Metric Mastery

First place: Zion Panz and Yamahjai Lewis (Roland Grise-JV1)

Reach for the Stars

Third place: Yamahjai Lewis (Roland Grise-JV1)

Road Scholar

First place: Zion Panz and Julia Ross (Roland-Grise JV1)

Rocks and Minerals

First place: Emily Smith and Jeremy Hudson (Murray)

Second place: Ethan Hall and Corinne Smith (Roland-Grise JV1)

Shock Value

First place: Kellen Hanson and Zion Panz (Roland-Grise JV1)

Water Quality

First place: Gavin Sokolinsky and Colby Styers (Roland-Grise JV2)

Write It, Do It

First place: Julia Ross and Tyler Reed (Roland-Grise JV1)

Third place: Adelais Duplessis and Martha Glenn (Roland-Grise JV2)


Division C (high school) – varsity

Anatomy and Physiology

First place:  Dylan Miller and Grant Bowman (Laney)

Second place:  Aiwei Yan and Nellie Leddy (Hoggard)

Third place:  Grace Hutko and Tyler George (New Hanover)


First place: John Chapman and Emma Bingham (Isaac Bear)

Third place: Andrea Rich and Lauren Jun (Ashley)


First place: Rayne Milner and Matt Wilson (Hoggard)

Bottle Rocket

First place: Ryan Visser and Mitchell Durham (Hoggard)

Second place: Garrett Leatherwood and Alex Blaisdell (Isaac Bear)

Third place: Brad Judson and Jake Cicero (Laney)

Chemistry Lab

First place: Hannah Thuman and Jennifer Jensen (Hoggard)

Second place: Trent Hollandsworth and Stewart Willard (Ashley)

Third place: Subreen Khatib and Rachel Glenn (Isaac Bear)

Designer Genes

First place: Aiwei Yan and Nellie Leddy (Hoggard)

Second place: Emma Culbertson and Katie Hewitt (Isaac Bear)

Disease Detectives

First place: Aiwei Yan and Lucy Li (Hoggard)

Second place: Christine McDow and Megan Stemke (Laney)

Third place: Alison Oehling and Grace Hutko (New Hanover)

Dynamic Planet

Second place: Ali Wisner and Luke Guo (Hoggard)

Elastic Launched Glider

Third place: Jared Kelly and Jared Morgan (Laney)

Experimental Design

First place: Andrea Rich, Sean O’Brien, and Seth Hollandsworth (Ashley)

Second place: Kaitlynne Bryan and Lieth Khatib (Isaac Bear)

Fermi Questions

First place: Torrance Yang and Ryan Visser (Hoggard)

Second place: Ben Fawcett (New Hanover)

Third place: Deanyone Su and Delaydia Frink (Laney)


First place: Rachel Glenn and Subreen Khatib (Isaac Bear)

Second place: Sarah Spaulding and Bonnie Hu (Hoggard)


Second place: Ali Wisner and Luke Guo (Hoggard)

Third place: Christine Chow and Kinsley Morgan (Isaac Bear)

Gravity Vehicle

First place: Maggie Powell and Clara Seifert (New Hanover)

Second place: Wesley Allen and Jordan Powell (Ashley)

Third place: Rayne Milner and Matt Wilson (Hoggard)


First place: Aiwei Yan and Hannah Thuman (Hoggard)

Second place: Kelly McLendon and Dylan Miller (Laney)

Third place: Cosette Taggart and Vicky Dyches (Isaac Bear)

Materials Science

First place: Bonnie Hu and Sarah Spaulding (Hoggard)

Third place: Jared Kelly and Jared Morgan (Laney)

Rocks and Minerals

First place: Ali Wisner and Luke Guo (Hoggard)

Second place: Kinsley Morgan and Christine Chow (Isaac Bear)

Third place: Lily Herring (New Hanover)

Shock Value

Second place: Torrance Yang and Mitchell Durham (Hoggard)


First place: Trent Hollandsworth and David Sheppard (Ashley)

Water Quality

First place: Sarah Spaulding and Torrance Yang (Hoggard)

Second place: Alexis Bell and Zaid Khatib (Isaac Bear)

Write It, Do It

First place: Nellie Leddy and Jennifer Jensen (Hoggard)


Division C (High School) – junior varsity

Anatomy and Physiology

First place:  Sarabeth Eason and Joseph Kim (Hoggard)


First place: Dom Scialabba and David Gilmore (Hoggard)


First place: Dom Scialabba (Hoggard)

Bottle Rocket

First place:  Jacob Rivenbark and James Gustafson (Isaac Bear)

Chemistry Lab

First place: Melissa Wei and Mark Liam Murphy (Hoggard)

Designer Genes

First place: Brigitte Delgado and Matthew Stansbury (Isaac Bear)

Disease Detectives

First place: Melissa Wei and Katharyn Loweth (Hoggard)

Dynamic Planet

First place: Melissa Wei and Andi Dai (Hoggard)

Elastic Launched Glider

First place: David Gilmore and Mark Liam Murphy (Hoggard)

Experimental Design

First place: Cadman Styers, David Oh, Noah Belser (Hoggard)

Fermi Questions

First place: Cadman Styers and David Oh (Hoggard)


First place: Sarabeth Eason and Henry Burnett (Hoggard)


First place: Sarabeth Eason and Andi Dai (Hoggard)

Gravity Vehicle

First place: James Gustafson and Landon Kraft (Isaac Bear)


First place: Jasmine Wang and Andi Dai (Hoggard)

Materials Science

First place: Jasmine Wang and David Oh (Hoggard)

Remote Sensing

First place: Shelby DeJongh and Kristine Kesling (Hoggard)

Shock Value

First place: Aaron Johnson and Landon Kraft (Isaac Bear)


First place: Joseph Kim, Sriganesh Gopal, Joseph Kang (Hoggard)

Water Quality

First place: Jasmine Wang and Joseph Kim (Hoggard)

Write It, Do It

First place: Mark Liam Murphy and David Gilmore (Hoggard)




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  1. Edward Orde

    April 11, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Make sure you cover the state tourny!!!! And Austin Waddell was with us on Experimental Desgin….

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